Santa's Steam Adventure

On Friday we went to see Father Christmas at the National Railway Museum. The boy was ridiculously excited to be seeing him again. He will be four in March and this was the second Christmas that he has really looked forward to presents and decorations.

When you get to the depot, you are taken on a journey through a packed train hall. There are lots of activities for children. Then you climb aboard a steam train and snuggle down under blankets as the story continues as you look for Father Christmas.

The only thing I wanted to point out was the wording of the story. When my son was told that Santa had gone missing, he nearly burst into tears! Maybe it could be re-worded as he was quite sad that we had come all that way and he might not see Father Christmas after all!

The train journey was lovely and very interactive for the children. Even the girl, who is only 20 months, really enjoyed the activities. Luckily, we found Father Christmas and the boy was very, very relieved! Both the boy and the girl received a present. The boy got a jigsaw and the girl got a soft toy. We had a lovely day out and I would recommend it to families looking for an extra special way to meet Father Christmas this year.
The price is £10 for children and £6 for adults. Included in the ticket price is a hot drink and mince pie for adults and a Christmas biscuit and some squash for children. Click here to book tickets. Trains run until the 23rd of December 2012.

Disclaimer: We were provided with free tickets for Santa's steam adventure and a free lunch.