The Photo Gallery: It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

The Photo Gallery: Week 126
It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Well, it certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Although not in our house. We have a few Christmas cards up and the advent candle and that is it for now! We will get our tree and put the decorations up this weekend I think. The children are so ridiculously excited this year. The boy has gone past every shop window pointing out what he would like. The girl has been clutching the decorations on the childminder's tree, desperate to bring them home!

Advent candle

These photos are my take on this week's theme. The advent candle burning its way down to Christmas Eve. Somehow the idea of a candle counting down the days to Christmas is so much more magical than an advent calendar (which we forgot to buy this year).

Advent candle

I am looking forward to putting the decorations up, but they stay up until January so I can't do it too early or else I will get bored of them! Also, our cats never fail to climb to the top of the tree the first day that we put it up so I am holding off for a little bit!

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