Parcel Genie App Review

I was given the opportunity to review a Parcel Genie App just before Christmas. The idea behind it is that you can purchase a small gift (under £14.99) for a friend. You then input a message and their number and your friend receives a message asking for their address. I found it was helpful to call my friend beforehand because I doubted very much that she would just text her address to a number which asked for it. I was sent a small stocking full of chocolates which, unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of and the stocking has now been stolen by one of my children for their teddy. Needless to say, the chocolates were very nice and very much appreciated by the whole family.

Parcel Genie

What they say
Choose a gift to send.
Add a personal message.

Choose a friend. Add a message just like a text. Select from over 50 gifts.

Friend texts their name and address to Parcelgenie.

Your friend instantly receives two text messages. One from you with your message and one from Parcelgenie asking for a delivery address for their gift.

Hand wrapped gift arrives in the post.

All gifts are sent First Class Royal Mail and arrive beautifully wrapped for that extra bit of loveliness.

Good points
Very simple and easy to use.
Lovely to be able to send a small gift, without too much cost, just to let a friend know you are thinking of them.
Beautifully packaged gifts which arrive quickly.

Bad points
The app has access to your contacts. I am not sure how this could impact on you but felt it was worth noting as I thought it a little strange.

Would I buy from it?
I would definitely use this app again. It is a really nice idea and has been well thought out. It enables you to send something small without the hassle of going to the shops and then the Post Office!

Parcel Genie is available as an app on from the App stre, Play store, on the Windows phone 7 and on Windows 8.

Disclaimer: I was sent a small present and given a voucher to send a small present to a friend in order to test the app for this review. This had no impact on my review. I will always write an honest opinion, be it good or bad.