The Photo Gallery: Adventure

The Photo Gallery: Week 128

I struggled slightly with this week's theme. I wondered about pictures of beginnings of adventures, going on holiday or a trip out for the weekend. We are, in fact, going on our own little adventure this weekend, with a trip to a Youth Hostel in the Lake District! However, thinking about it, I decided on a picture from last summer. This was taken on our first ever festival as a family. We went to Beacons festival, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. I wrote about it here. It wasn't the best experience ever but it was certainly an adventure!

It was so muddy but luckily it was sunny. this picture always makes me smile. My babies look so cool, taking everything in their tiny strides! They loved the workshops, the music, the dancing and the mud!

I'm not sure when we will go on our next family festival but we will have to make sure that this one actually is family friendly!

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