The Photo Gallery: Bond

The Photo Gallery: Week 129

The bond between my two is strong. They might fight and pull and push but they love each other. At the moment this is epitomised by the fact that the girl copies everything that the boy does. Literally everything. She wants to do everything he does. From talking, to running, to jumping, everything. She is his parrot and his shadow. Whilst the boy clearly gets a little bit fed up with it, he humours her the majority of the time.  They might bicker and fight over who gets out of the car first, who washes their hands first or who turns off the TV at night but when it comes to it, they love each other and the boy would do anything to protect his sister.
One of my favourite pictures of the pair of them was taken nearly a year ago, at my mum's house in Wales. They both squashed on to a tiny little stool and sat together to watch Toy Story!

Then when we were on holiday in France in the summer, the pair of them held hands and walked down the path together, my heart bursting as they giggled along together.

Then a few weeks back, the boy started reading her stories, sitting down with her at the drawing board with a pile of books and making his way through them. She sat listening and occasionally joining in with actions.

I hope they continue to be good friends as they get older.

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