To say I am a bit nervous about my next university term is a slight underestimate! Now that I know just how tough the second year is, I am pretty petrified about what this term holds. I bought books to read over the holidays so as to prepare in advance. I bought six and am halfway through one! Not quite the preparedness I imagined!

However, I am determined not to leave everything to the last minute this term. I have picked all my essay titles and am aiming to have one written two weeks before it is due. This is mainly due to the fact that I have one essay due in on my daughter's birthday and one on my son's birthday a week later. There is no way that I want to be a stress head at that time. I want to enjoy their birthdays. Not to try to enjoy them but actually be thinking about Descartes, Popper or Locke.

Then after Easter I have exams. Proper exams which actually count for something. Very. Scary. Stuff. I think I possibly need to rein in my escaping thoughts and concentrate on one week at a time. Luckily this term is far better time wise and means I should get home before the kids go to bed every night of the week. The only annoyance being that I have to leave at 7.30am for a 9am lecture on Tuesdays, meaning I won't see them before I leave.

I am disappointed by the snow. It has had all Christmas break to snow and I don't know why it chooses the day before I go back.

Here's hoping I can do OK this term.

Update: Unfortunately the snow meant that I couldn't actually get to university today. I got nearly halfway! So tomorrow will now be my first day back (as long as it doesn't snow tonight)!