What has made me happy - week thirty

Week 30 - what has made me happy

So, back into the swing of things at university. I have spent the week getting essays and exam results back. Somehow, I am so far scraping a 2:1. I literally have no idea how but I'm not going to knock it! I have started preparing for essays due in March so that I hopefully have a slight head start. It has been good to be back. There is only one lecture where I have sat there, listened for an hour and a half and realised afterwards that I didn't understand one word!

The snow has proven testing once again. Yet again on a Sunday evening we had loads of snow and yesterday I was unable to get in to university, missing my second economics tutorial.

The boys got to go to the pantomime this weekend. One of whom was far more excited than the other. However, my husband survived the ordeal!

Here is what has made me happy this week:
  • The frozen canal. it looked stunning in spite of the cold.
  • Strawberry beer. A rare lunch out with a friend and an accompanying beer.

  • Snow! It really is beautiful. The second picture was the snow from the underneath of our velux window. It was amazing to see the individual snowflakes.

  • The sight of my boy, who fell asleep inside his play tent after a morning sledging on the great hills near our house. 

  • The amazing contrast in colours that the snow brings. Red, white and black or simply black and white.

  • Sledging to nursery. What better way to get around?
  • Trying out my Christmas present wellies. 

How about you? What has made you happy, or made a smile spread across your face?

It would be great if you want to join in with 'What has made me happy' too. Have a think about the little things which have made a difference to your life this week.
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