Big fun with little trains.

On Saturday we went to the National Railway Museum to see their Big Fun with Little Trains half term exhibition. as regular reads know, we are big fans of the National Railway Museum. I used to go a lot as a child and I still love the feeling as you walk into the vast expanse that is the great hall and breathe in the smell of metal, oil and machines. A fantastic smell!


Both children really loved the Chuggington play area, grabbing a spot amongst the mayhem of other children and getting stuck in with trains and track. They also loved seeing the large Koko, Wilson and Brewster. Disappointingly, there were no crafts happening at the weekend. We made the mistake of promising our son he could make his own engine only to find out that the crafts only happen during the week.

We got to ride on the miniature steam and diesel trains, the girl getting to honk the horn on the diesel one, they were good fun. The steam engine was amazing, watching the driver putting coal into such a tiny engine was incredible. Both children love watching the model railways too.

Miniature steam engineModel railway

There was so much going on and the great hall was packed full of more engines than I had ever seen there before. The girl went around trying to lick the bumpers on the engines. She is rather odd!

We were lucky enough to be treated to a blogger's lunch in on of the function rooms. Both children were given a Chuggington engine, which we were incredibly grateful for and the boy has gone to bed with his every night since we got back! After lunch, we were ready to go home. The boy wasn't 100% and the girl needed to sleep. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and I would highly recommend a trip to the National Railway museum this half term.


This exhibition runs until the 24th of February. Check out the National Railway Museum's website for further details.

Disclaimer: we were provided with some vouchers for free rides on the miniature trains and provided with a free lunch.