How to make money from your old stuff!

Since moving house last year, I have been wondering if perhaps we have too many CDs and DVDs. To be honest, all our CDs are at my Grandma's. I haven't brought them here because we simply don't have the room. That is inspite of us having two large bookcases built in not long after we moved in. The amount of DVDs which I know we won't watch again, even new ones, is pretty high. Definitely over 30. We watch a film, enjoy it and keep to watch it again. I can probably count on two hands the amount we actually do watch over and over.

As for the CDs, they have been at my Grandma's for a year now and we haven't missed them. My entire CD collection is on my Ipod, and on two different home computers on iTunes. So I don't really need the CDs in order to listen to them. In fact, since we moved, I haven't actually connected up our CD player!

This leads me to wonder what on earth we should do with all those CDs and DVDs and, come to think of it, games for the Wii which we haven't played on since we had children! We could try and sell them, or continue to leave them at my Grandma's. Both of these options involve some hassle though.

Then I saw an advert on TV for They give you cash for your DVDs, Books, CDs, Games and even clothes. For an example of how much you can get for items, I put the barcode of our DVD of 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen'. The price they offer is £1.49. You can send items to them for free and then you receive a cheque for the amount sold to them. you need to enter a minimum of 10 items if you are sending DVDs or CDs, 1 item if it is a tech product and 3 items if they are games.

If you want to make life even easier, you can turn your webcam into a barcode scanner which allows you to scan the barcodes rather than just inputting them.

I think we might have to have a huge sort out and get our old stuff sold on Music Magpie! Hopefully that will clear up some space here, as well as giving my Grandma more room at her house.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.