The sky shines more brightly

As many bloggers know, there has been awful news which has shocked the community completely this weekend. The lovely Jennie (EdSpire) lost her nine month old daughter on Saturday night. It was utterly unexpected and sudden. I cannot begin to comprehend the awfulness of this. The truly devastating impact on Jennie's family is almost unbearable.

I found myself on Sunday night with tears flowing down my face, crying uncontrollably. Feeling guilty at feeling so awful for someone I only knew in the virtual world. I left the baby monitor on full that night and checked on my children twice.

I feel proud to see the online world coming together, truly as a community to support Jennie and each other, trying to deal with such a loss. If you want to do something, Eliza from MommaTwo is raising money to name a star after Matilda Mae. Have a look at her blog post here for further details. If you pray then please keep Jennie and her family in your prayers.

Events like the death of Matilda Mae really do put into perspective just how fragile life can be. How every single moment that you have with your children is precious and that life is too short for disagreements or squabbles. Hold your children tightly, breathe in their smell and be grateful for their being. 

RIP Matilda Mae, little angel, a star shining so brightly in the sky.