Valentine's Day lingerie

I was recently sent some lingerie by Panache to review for Valentine's Day. I got a set from the Cleo range which is quite youthful with vibrant colours and a great look to it.

I have to admit that my husband and I do not do anything for Valentine's Day. We don't really do romance. However, I am not one to say no to a matching set of lingerie which is aimed at women who are well endowed in the breast front. The fit of the bra is excellent. It also doesn't make your breasts look odd under a t-shirt as some can do (seriously, I have one bra which must have repelling magnets in it and sends my breasts on a sideways quest away from each other - not a good look)!

The bra offers great support and fits well. It is comfortable but sexy and can be worn all day. I really like the knickers too, they look great. Panache say this on their website about the range:

Panache is a leading D plus lingerie specialist that has built its reputation on 3 core values: 

Fit, Support and Comfort. Panache’s products are continually improved and developed to ensure that the company leads both in terms of fit and quality, as well as sourcing and production.

Panache offer six leading lingerie brands all focused on offering the perfect fit from D to KK cup sizes. With collections that encompass high-end, trend driven fashion to everyday modern core basics we are proud to be able to offer support and comfort to every woman.

If you are looking for a last-minute Valentine's present then I can highly recommend Panache. Their lingerie fits well and looks good both under and without clothes. I especially like that this set is vibrant and funky. If you are buying for your wife or girlfriend, make sure you know their correct size though, otherwise your gift might not be quite so well received!