Betty's Easter Range Review

When I got an e-mail asking if I would like to review some of Betty's Easter treats, there was only going to be one answer! As regular readers will know, we are big fans of Betty's and a trip out to the tearooms in either Ilkley or Harrogate is a huge treat for us, as this post shows!

We received a Swaledale Sheep egg and some Milk and White Chocolate Lambs. I had to hide the egg because I knew my children couldn't be trusted around it! The lambs I gave them as treats if they had been good. The lambs break in half so are quite a nice size for a treat. We decided to take the egg up to my Grandma's and share it around last weekend. It was very well received. I am not usually a fan of white chocolate but this was absolutely delicious and the effect on the outside of the egg was fantastic.

What they say
White Chocolate Swaledale Sheep Egg - Made from Swiss white chocolate stippled with milk chocolate, this enchanting Easter egg is decorated in hand-piped white and dark chocolate with spring flowers and one of Yorkshire's own Swaledale sheep. 15cm high | 180g - £13.95

Milk and White Chocolate Lambs - Where would Easter be without lambs? These loveable characters are handmade and have dark chocolate faces and their own bells. Boxes of 4 - £5.95

Good points
The lambs split in half, so are much more manageable.
The lambs are a great size for a treat.
The white chocolate egg was delicious. 
We shared it between five of us and still had too much!
The chocolate is nice and thick.
The decoration on the egg was absolutely stunning, such attention to detail.

Bad points

Would I buy it?
I would definitely buy them as a special treat. I probably wouldn't be able to afford more than one though! For an extra special Easter treat I think it is worth the money.