Dear Beautiful Boy

This week you turned four. My beautiful little boy. You are so precious, my lovely little man. My first born. My baby boy. I struggle to imagine that you are four already. You start school in September and I often wonder where that time has gone.

You are a sensitive little boy with an amazing ability to know what people are feeling. I am impressed at how you know how to act around people when they are feeling emotional. Caring and considerate, you have a wonderful nature. You would give anything for a quiet life, unfortunately your sister has other plans!
Whilst you are not as nice to your sister as you possibly should be, if someone else is mean to her, you charge in to her defence. I respect that (though I would obviously prefer that you were nice to your sister)! There is a manipulative side to you which I recognise oh too well. You can get your sister into trouble easily by simply guiding her towards the mischief. A trick I used to pull on my little sister too.

I think you will be good at sport. You are long and lean and have always been very athletic. You run, jump, climb, skip and roll. We spend a lot of time outdoors and you are often running ahead, seeing what new things there are to explore.

You love going to the theatre, singing and dancing. You have such a beautiful singing voice, your pitch and tone is amazing. One of your favourite films is The Muppets and you have been able to sing every song since the second time you heard it!

You are a pleasure to be with and I love spending time with you. Some of the things you say to me are so utterly beautiful that they make my heart swell with pride. Your charm and wit will get you far in life. So Happy Birthday baby boy, you are a delight.