Dear beautiful girl

This week you turned two. My beautiful, determined, independent little girl. Your smile brightens up even the darkest day and your funny faces can make even the grumpiest old person break out in a grin. I am constantly amazed by your fierce determination. You rarely give in and when you do, you have the most fantastic tantrums out of pure frustration.

You love The Wiggles and In The Night Garden. You dance along with Upsy Daisy and Dorothy the Dinosaur. You have a cracking sense of humour, slightly dark, just like the rest of us! You make us giggle with your expressions and dramatic nature.

Two year old playing

Your amazing zest for life is infectious. You adore your big brother, copying him at every opportunity. Chalk and cheese is the best way to describe the two of you, both personalities utterly different but some similarities remain. Recently you have learned to stand up for yourself and I am not sure he quite knows what has hit him! 

For so long, you didn't say even one word, no babble, nothing. Now, all of a sudden, you never stop talking. Even in the past week your speech has improved. now you can tell tales on your brother, much to his disgust! And singing. Your beautiful little singing voice as you join in with wind the bobbin up and Momo's song is a delight to hear.

I love how genetics work! It seems that I have handed down my expressive feet to you, very random but very cute! You also have tenacity which I like to think I handed down to you too. With any luck you have your Daddy's mathematic ability, and not mine!

At the childminder's you can often be found curled up with a cat or wandering round the garden with a chicken. The childminder describes you as Dr Dolittle, always surrounded by animals. She thinks you are going to be a vet!

Your presence is a pleasure, and occasionally a pain! Your tantrums are incredible, frustration palpable. Whatever you do in life, you are going to be amazing. You have everything a girl could possibly need, intelligence, determination, independence and striking beauty. Baby girl, I love you so much.