Red: The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery - week 134

This was the first picture which sprang to mind when I saw the theme for this week's Gallery. I think it very much sums up the colour red. There is certainly a lot of colour in it!


My daughter was wearing a lot of red that day and just happened to be sitting in a red tunnel at soft play when I took the picture. I love how high up she was, just peering down at the mayhem below. This was the first time that we had gone to soft play and she had been able to really clamber up things by herself and she was rightly very proud of herself.

Last week was Red Nose Day and there was all sorts of fundraising going on. Included in this were three bloggers, known as Team Honk. If you haven't seen what the fabulous team have been up to, have a look here. It is not too late to sponsor them. You can do that here!

To see what others have come up with for this week's theme, click on the image below.