Snow, family and the end of term - what has made me happy.

What has made me happy - week 39

After what seems like a really long term, I finally broke up on Friday. I had an economics exam on the final day and, frustratingly, woke up to a serious amount of snow. I didn't manage to make it all the way up to the childminder's in the car, she had to come down and rescue my children! The drive to uni took twice as long as usual, driving in some of the worst conditions I have ever experienced. When I got to Lancaster there was a blizzard which continued until I left after my exam. Luckily, once I was home, I had nowhere else I needed to go so could just dump the car and relax.

We made the most of the snow and went out sledging on Saturday morning. Even the girl enjoyed it this time. Last time she cried for most of the time we were out. We put on a ridiculous amount of clothes which definitely helped us all to keep warm.

This week we are visiting family in London, Croydon and Oxford before heading home after Easter. I am really looking forward to relaxing and spending some time with the children and my husband. I am embarking on a detox and exercise regime after Easter so I am going to enjoy good food, wine and chocolate whilst I can!

So, what has made me happy this week:
  • Clearing up! I took all the birthday cards down, marking the end of birthday season in our house. There seems to be so much more space once all the cards are down!
  • Our cats fighting, and then making up two minutes later!
  • A very brief bit of sunshine! Just the one morning which was gloriously bright.
  • Snow. There has been pretty much no getting away from it up here over the past few days. It started snowing on Thursday night and didn't stop until Sunday morning. These drifts were nearly five foot high!
  • Watching my babies snuggling up by the fire under blankets and watching a film.
  • Sledging with the family. As we were heading down the slope on the sledge, my daughter looked up at me and said "this is nice"! It was such a cute thing for her to say.

It would be great if you want to join in with 'What has made me happy' too. Have a think about the little things which have made a difference to your life this week.

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