Snowdrops, independence and sunshine - what has made me happy

What has made me happy - week 38

The final essay is in! It was a tough question and one which I didn't feel utterly confident about but at least it is done. I ended up writing just over 7,500 words in under two weeks. Now I just have to get an economics exam out of the way and then I can relax for the next few weeks. We are going to visit family over Easter, also visiting my best friend for my God-daughter's sixth birthday. I am really looking forward to it, even though I am driving down alone. I had a lovely day off with my children on Friday, you know when some days just seem to pass by perfectly. That was one of them. My daughter has been making us giggle and the boy has been dancing and singing for us. He has also learned to hop, which I am impressed with. He now hops at speed around the living room. 
Here's what has made me happy this week:
  • Sunshine! I have managed to get my washing dried on the line a few times in the past week. Before it turned cold again.
  • Catching bubbles in the bath. The children have realised that if their hands are wet, they can catch bubbles. A huge amount of fun has been had since they made this discovery!
SunshineCatching bubbles
  • My independent little young lady. She doesn't like being in the pram any more. She is two don't you know, so she really does know what is best. I love seeing her walking and running ahead of us. She fell in a massive puddle not long after the second picture was taken and ended up utterly covered in mud!
Cobbles and balloonRunning in the park
  • I am hoping this is the last of it. The snow has made me happy purely because it is pretty. I am getting a little fed up of it though. For some reason, Monday morning has been the worst for snow!
Snowy fieldsLight snow
  • Easter is on the way. We made chocolate chick cakes on Friday and at the weekend we devoured an egg sent to us by Betty's (review to follow this week).
Easter chickBetty's Easter egg
  • Snowdrops. Fresh, white and pure. Poking through the grass at my Grandma's house. Beautiful.

It would be great if you want to join in with 'What has made me happy' too. Have a think about the little things which have made a difference to your life this week.

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