Splash About Float Suit Review

We were recently sent a Splash About Float Suit for my daughter to review. Both my children have always worn Splash About swimwear, ever since they were tiny. I like the colours and the fact that their suits are UPF 50+. To be honest, this is the main reason I bought from them in the first place. It was yet more evidence of my occasionally lazy parenting. It meant that I only needed to apply suntan lotion to the bits of then outside of their suits! I realised the other day that in my avatar, of my son underwater, he is wearing a Splash About suit which shows how long we have been fans - he is four now!

Splash About Float Suit

When the children were little, they had the all-in-one suits without floats and I used to take them swimming in the inflatable baby swim seat. As they have got bigger, I wondered what to put them in. I have tried armbands but they just didn't work, especially with the girl who just ripped them off! I thought the float suit was a perfect alternative as it offers buoyancy in the pool and I hoped the girl would take to it.

What they say
The SUN PROTECTION (SPF 50+) FloatSuit (with extra cover around the neck, back & chest, legs come to just above the knee, sleeves to just above the elbow) with "ABS" Adjustable Buoyancy System. The swimming and flotation aid that gives children the confidence and skills to swim without letting them become dependent on the buoyancy! The Adjustable Buoyancy System "ABS" can be adjusted to suit anybody, with two floats per pocket so that buoyancy can be individually tailored to the wearers requirements.

Enjoy excellent, arms free, buoyancy with our range of specialist Float jackets and suits. Swimming costumes and jackets with our unique Splash About Adjustable buoyancy System built in. Each is a fantastic safety precaution for in and around water which also help teach swimming by combining correctly positioned flotation that can be gradually reduced to stop the wearer becoming dependent on the floats. Originally designed and invented by one of the Splash About designers way back in the 1980s they have been developed and improved since the early days when they had only one flat float per pocket! With maximum sun protection too they have everything you would expect from a Splash About product.

Good points
It was easy to get on. My daughter had no qualms about it and didn't try to take it off.
It didn't seem tight.
Gave a fantastic level of floatation in the pool.
Even when she jumped in, I was confident she would pop back up! (I hasten to add I was there to catch her).
You can decrease the amount of floats as your child gets better at swimming.

Bad points
Because the suit has floats in it, it tends to ride up when your child is in the water. To counter this, I put a swimming costume on her underneath the suit.

Would I buy it?
Absolutely. I have bought from Splash About before and I will buy from them again. I was already a convert! If you want to have a look at the rest of their range, have a look at their website.

Disclaimer: We were sent this item to review and were allowed to keep it. This in no way had any impact on my review, which will always be honest and fair.