The Photo Gallery: The Letter C

The Photo Gallery: Week 133
The Letter C

C is for cats. Our poor cats who, since we had children, have far less attention than they used to. They used to be adored, we played with them, had time for them, they were allowed on our bed. They had a lot of love from us.

I remember my half-sister telling me she didn't really care about her cats since she had children and I thought that was really harsh. However, since having children, the cats have definitely been played with less. They don't get to sleep on the bed any more. 

I think if they didn't run and hide any time a child went near them, we might have more time for them. Both children are old enough now to actually play with the cats but neither cat wants anything to do with them. It is frustrating as we have very little time to play with them these days. We have cuddles in the evening, clean their litter tray, feed and water them and occasionally chat to them (like the mad cat woman I am), but that is it.

At least they have each other! They are eight years old now and still wash and clean each other. They play and fight together and Bruce protects his sister Bella against anything, even rogue balloons. I still love them, I just have less time than I did before. Sorry cats.

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