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The Photo Gallery - week 135

We moved house last April. Only about a mile or so, but it was a big move for us. In fact, our first ever move as a family. Our first move with belongings. You get the drift. There is a huge park at the top of our new street. A really, really short walk away.  About five minutes to the top of the park and a short run down to the playground.

This photo was taken last summer. The boy wheeling his scooter down ahead of us. The park stretching out before him. 

The same walk in Autumn, leaves on the ground and a chill in the air. The girl pootling along, the boy on his bike and the husband making sure they are OK.

The same walk, taken this weekend. Snow covering the ground. The trees heavy in snow. Only two of us walked this time. The other two were pulled along behind us on sledges! Then we joined them and flew down the hills together. 

This is our walk. One we take most weeks. Just a short walk, but a very rewarding one.

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