A bedroom makeover!

When we moved house last year, we gained a huge attic bedroom. Whilst we could have let the children share the room, we decided it would be wasted on them and claimed it for our own! We quite quickly learned that this could possibly have been a mistake. Not because the room wasn't lovely. It really is. But because whenever it rains (which is far too often in Yorkshire) we are kept awake by a tumultuous amount of rain on our velux windows, right above the bed. We definitely didn't think it through!

However, on the plus side, it has room for a double bed and space around it. We really lacked any space in the old house and had to squeeze into our double bed - the children had the larger bedroom! We also have an en-suite in the new room, which feels very posh! It also means that we don't wake the kids up in the morning when either of us gets up and has a shower, which is great because my husband leaves for work at 5.30am.

We have two large velux windows and I love that they have blackout blinds because it means that all light is blocked out until we choose to let it in. The blinds are cream though and a little boring. In fact, our whole bedroom is rather a boring colour. Fawn coloured brown on parts of the wall and cream on the others.  Our carpet is brown and cream stripes and I really dislike it. When I have broken up from university this summer, I plan on splashing a bit more colour in the room. I really like this shade of blue for the wall. Not on every wall, just a couple. I also fancy changing the velux blinds and have found these Web-Blinds who stock blackout floral pattern blinds. They look fantastic and would definitely brighten up the windows. Changing the carpet, and getting blind are jobs for the future though as we can't afford to do it now. Maybe when I get a job! Until then, I will have to settle for painting the room and hoping it makes a huge difference.

It certainly looked great when I did the kids bedroom (the boy chose the colours and the theme)! How about you? Are there any rooms in your house which you would love to change?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post although the content is my own.