Flowers, stones and cake - what has made me happy

What has made me happy - week 43

This week has been easier. The detox became more like second nature and the results were fantastic. I ended up losing 6.5lbs and 6inches. A blog post will follow soon with a full review. The final day of the detox saw me frantically baking in preparation for the horticulture show where my Grandma lives. She has entered this show twice yearly since I can remember. Certainly, when I was a child I used to enter the children's classes. This year my children entered the painting a stone class. To be fair, they painted their stones at 9.50 am on the day of the show and we left the house at 10.10 am. It was possibly the fastest stone painting I have ever seen and both of them were still wet when I put them in their position at the show.

We also found out about my son's school this week. We got our second choice and, whilst I was initially disappointed, I am pleased that he will be going to a fantastic school even though it wasn't our first choice. I have heard some awful tales of siblings not getting in and families not getting any of their choices so we are very lucky really.

Here is what has made me happy this week:

George ForemanDaffodils
  • Making chicken nuggets on my new George Foreman grill. It really is the simple things!
  • My Grandma's prize winning daffodils brightening up my living room.
CakesWinning painted stone
  • Baking cakes for the show. Luckily the detox had finished by the time we were able to eat them!
  • My daughter's prize winning painted stone. The boy was most unimpressed that she got a medal and money while he got nothing!
ExploringA new game

  • Exploring at my Grandma's. Both children squeezing past trees and finding out what is around the next corner. Treading the same paths my sister and I used to.
  • Finding new games in everything they do. Even a ladder lying on the ground kept them entertained for a good fifteen minutes!
Sunrise over the canal
Sunshine. We have had some glorious sunrises and it feels like spring is definitely here to stay!

It would be great if you want to join in with 'What has made me happy' too. Have a think about the little things which have made a difference to your life this week.

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