My memories of Boots

When I was younger there were very few shops to buy make-up, toiletries, or anything similar. From the age of nine, I commuted to school in Oxford, where there was a large Boots. It was my go-to shop firstly for toiletries and then, when I moved on to it, for make-up. I have fond memories of taking the train into Oxford on a Saturday, meeting up with friends, buying a filet-o-fish in McDonald's and then heading over to Boots to look at what I could spend my pocket money on. I have to admit to steering clear of lipstick. In fact, I have never actually owned or worn a lipstick in my life. Maybe that will come with age!

As I have grown up, Boots is a store which I have continued to shop in. I always buy their suntan lotion, because of their five star UV rating and I think the discounts they offer on electrical goods are fantastic. When I had children it became a shop where I could purchase baby essentials such as wipes and nappies. Their online service meant that I could order in some specific eco nappies which were not stocked in my local store. That way they were delivered for free. I think that is a fantastic service.

My local Boots

Our local store has changed over the years though and they no longer dispense medicine, which I think is a shame. Plus they miss out on the trade gained from people simply getting their prescription and picking a few other bits up whilst they are there. The store in Oxford also changed massively. To be honest, it is so large that I find it a bit overwhelming.

The Boots Advantage Card is also really useful. I tend to collect points on every shop and then, if I don't have much money on me, I will use the card to pay for things. It happened just last week in Manchester when I needed to buy some lipbalm. 

I was given the opportunity by Social Fabric to go on a shopping tip and buy some essentials from Boots. I visited my local store to see what treats I could buy myself. You can see my shopping journey here.

My Boots purchases

I bought a rather eclectic mixture of things. A hot water bottle for my Grandma because hers is about 20 years old and keeps leaking rubber, some more Palmer's Cocoa Butter because I had just run out, some vaseline which is what I use to remove my eye make-up every day and, again, I had luckily just run out and I also bought some fantastic nail varnish. I am going to the theatre with my son tomorrow and can now go with very sparkly nails!

Nail Paint by Barry M

I also received two vouchers from my shop, to spend the next time I am in store.

Boots Vouchers

There is something very reassuring about Boots as a brand. To me, it is synonymous with a brand which you know what to expect and you can trust. You generally know the kind of products they stock and if you are stuck in a town you don't know, at least you know that you can pop in to Boots.

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