Start-rite catwalk event

A few weeks ago we were offered an amazing opportunity. My children were invited to model Start-rite's shoes on the catwalk at a press event in London. I had planned to go down to London a few days after, so I changed my plans and went two days earlier. I even braved the tube with two children, although the girl stayed strapped into her pram all the way! I also asked my sister along so that once we got to the event I would have an extra pair of hands. It turned out that I really needed them!

There was a fabulous entertainer who was wonderful with the children. Unfortunately, since her birthday in March, my daughter has had a slight balloon phobia and was less than pleased with balloon animals all over the place. In fact, she spent most of her time hiding from them and looking at the amazing lift as it went up and down.

Needless to say, when it came to actually walking down the catwalk, the girl struggled. The first time she did it fine, apart from forgetting to come back again. The second time a balloon popped just as she was about to set off which meant that she had a complete meltdown and refused to walk anywhere! I quickly persuaded her to go and she reluctantly did, but she didn't return. You've guessed it, she was back watching the lift! 

The boy on the other hand, had a great time. He thought it was fantastic and loved every minute. His face lit up with the balloon animals and he joined in with the magic tricks. He walked the catwalk like a slightly shy pro and generally had a fantastic time. Having my sister there also meant that I could actually have a good look at the shoes and get to talk to a few people.

They both got to model two pairs of shoes, the boy a pair of summer canvas shoes and some gorgeous dark brown leather shoes. The girl wore a pair of pink shoes and a pair of white sandals with a butterfly on. I really loved the shoes, they fitted well and looked fantastic on.

I was impressed with the range designed by Myleene Klass, there are some really gorgeous little girls shoes! My particular favourite are these ones. Start-rite are undergoing a re-branding at the moment and will very soon be launching a new corporate website which includes a media centre, informative advice for parents and a fun area for children which includes games.

Start-rite also had a follow-up fashion show, which involved children chosen from around the country. It happened earlier today at Bluewater and you can see it here:

Disclaimer: We were invited to the event free of charge and my children were allowed to keep a pair of shoes.