The Photo Gallery - Happy

The Photo Gallery - week 137

One of the things which makes me happiest in the world (aside from my family) is lambs, and crows walking (seriously funny). Back to the lambs. I love them. They make me smile. Their exuberance, energy and general bounciness is infectious. You only have to look at them and a smile creeps across your face!

Yesterday we went to Hesketh Farm Park and fed the lambs. The girl thought it was brilliant until a lamb came close to her, then she changed her mind! The boy just thought it was fantastic. As did I!

After we fed the lambs, we were lucky enough to see a sheep, who had just had one lamb, give birth to two more. A seriously impressive sight.  She licked them all clean and then they started standing up. It was amazing.

How could this face not make you happy?

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