The Photo Gallery - Youth

The Photo Gallery - Week 138

This rather grainy photo is from the early 90's. We are all doing the wacca wave (look at the camera and say blaaaa) - we were so cool! This photo was taken on a holiday with my Dad and his friends and their children. Three of us children went away every year after this, usually camping, but later in a tiny two-bedroomed cottage in Wales which was less than ten minutes walk to the beach. 

When I look back on those holidays, I am filled with happy memories. A wonderful fun-filled and free youth. We would go out in the morning and come back in the afternoon to find our Dad's had spent the day taking it easy. They would then prepare us a barbecue with fantastic food. We would stay up and have midnight feasts, giggling in our sleeping bags. We went for wonderful long walks with Baron the dog and clambered down rocks to get to the beach. 

Once on the beach, we would use the lilo we were sleeping on at night to head off, with my Dad, floating with a couple of oars to explore caves. It is amazing how many people you can fit on an inflatable lilo and still stay afloat!

Most of all, I just remember being happy. They were lovely holidays. We got our Dad to ourselves and he was completely relaxed. A wonderful combination.

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