Week 44 - What has made me happy!

This week the revision has really kicked in (although I have managed to distract myself with cleaning the house so I know I must be desperate not to revise)! Luckily I have a study buddy and she is keeping me on track and making sure I actually do what I say I will. Not that she will tell me off if I don't, but I will feel bad, which is probably worse! I am so glad I have someone to study two subjects with. It makes both subjects somehow seem less daunting knowing there are two minds studying it together! My first exam is two weeks today and I am properly scared, if I am honest! This year they really count and, whilst I am plodding along with 2:1s in essays, exams are a different matter altogether. They will soon be over though and then I will have all summer off! Bliss! Although I am starting my dissertation this summer and will be asking you all for your input (it is on the ethics of child obesity), more of that in another blog post soon!

The boy and I had a day off last week and we filled it jam-packed with stuff! He was excited to have the day off nursery. In the morning we went to IKEA to get some drawers for his bedroom. I lost him for about five minutes and I felt sick. Luckily he meandered nonchalantly back, having decided to go and swap one toy for another. I wouldn't have minded if he had told me. He clearly has a good sense of direction as he had walked all the way back to the entrance to change his toy for another.

Aside from an occasional drama, here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Watching a construction site in the rain. Our local car park has been ripped up and they are creating a flood defence system underneath it. The hole they have dug is huge and there is a large crane to send people down to the bottom in a precarious kind of lift, to dig more! The kids both love watching it all.
  • A present for the boy to review. His first ever school bag! A blog post will follow shortly.
ConstructionPink Lining school bag
  •  These owls were chilling out in our local shopping centre on Saturday. The girl thought they were hilarious! The boy was concerned that they couldn't fly off. 
White owlOwl
  • We haven't had a lot of sunshine up here. I understand that some of the UK has had amazing weather, but not here. The first picture is the sun desperately trying to peek out from behind the clouds and failing. The second picture was at about 4.45pm when it had rained all day and the sun finally decided to come out! 

Sun trying to shine through the cloudsSunshine and clouds
  • Our trip to the theatre to see Cats. The boy has not long turned four and I was concerned it would be too long/loud/boring for him. He sat transfixed through the whole show. I was very, very proud of him.
Cats the musical

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