Center Parcs Picnic Challenge

This weekend was the perfect opportunity to get out and about and enjoy this month's Center Parcs Challenge. We jumped at the chance and, whilst up at my Grandma's we decided to go for a picnic.

We set off down to the river, with sunhats and suncream on and with nets and buckets to catch fish.

Once down at the riverside, we found the perfect spot and settled down at the edge of the water.

The children made the most of the weather. In spite of the icy cold water, they stripped off and bravely paddled in. We didn't actually even see one fish, let alone catch one. We have been given some tips from my uncle, so will try hunting for crayfish next time we go down there.

 Unsurprisingly, a change of clothes and a good dry in the towel was needed before our picnic. It was a fairly bog standard picnic consisting of sandwiches, fruit, cucumber and carrot sticks and humous.

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