George Foreman Grill Review

A couple of weeks ago I attended a George Foreman Mumsnet event in Manchester. We were shown how to use the George Foreman grill and were given a recipe booklet to try at home. The demonstrations were amazing and the food was wonderful. 

Mumsnet George Foreman eventMumsnet George Foreman event
The view from the apartment was fantastic and it was a beautiful day for it. My favourite food that we were served was the duck. It was perfectly cooked and tasted delicious.

Manchester city centreDuck

We were given a George Foreman Grill and Melt to try at home. Having never owned anything like it before, I was excited to use it.

What they say

The Easy Clean Grill and Melt is the hero in the George Foreman range. Not only is it the only grill to combine the unique grill and melt feature with removable plates, it also comes with a digital timer as well as a striking brushed steel finish.

Cooks up to 4 portions
432cm2 grilling surface
The only George Foreman grill to combine the unique grill and melt facility as well as removable plates
Grill: Sloped grill design, channels fat & grease into separate drip tray
Melt: Elevated grilling, perfect for cheese on toast, garlic bread, tuna melts.
Removable plates for easier cleaning
Digital timer 
Brushed stainless steel top cover with metal handle
Sloped grill design, channels fat and grease into separate drip tray
Non-stick finish on grill plates
Drip tray included
Up to a 3 year guarantee (when you register your product online)

Good points

I have used George most nights to cook dinner since I received it.
The removable plates make it incredibly easy to clean.
It is ready to use very quickly and food cooks much faster than in a conventional grill. 

This was me cooking home-made burgers for the children. When the burgers were cooked, I popped some cheese on the top and used the melt function to make them into cheese burgers. Just look at the amount of fat which has collected in the drip tray!

Burgers on the George ForemanMelting cheese on the grill and melt

It has been easy to make different meals for the two of us. I have been on a detox and then a low-calorie food plan so have had to watch what I eat. Here I made a burger for my husband and a turkey burger for me.

Beef burgerTurkey burger

We have made chicken nuggets for the kids which went down very well. Especially with a couscous salad (warning that this can get messy with children)!

Chicken nuggets on George ForemanChicken nuggets and couscous

Bad points

I have found that occasionally it is awkward to change between normal and melt mode.

Would I buy it?

I think this grill is one of the best additions to our kitchen in a long time. We have used it most days and it is so quick and simple to use. It has encouraged me to make meals I have never considered before. I especially love how convenient it is, particularly when we come home from the childminder's with very little time to make the kids some tea. It has also meant that I am more inclined to make them something fresh than defrost a homemade meal from the freezer. I would definitely buy it if I had the money. The grill and melt retails at £89.99 and you can find out more here.

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