Matchbox die-cast vehicle review

We were recently sent two Matchbox die-cast collectables for my husband and son to try out. Matchbox are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and these are a special celebratory assortment. I like the idea that you could buy them for a cute Father's Day present. The boy was very excited when he opened them up. The colours are fantastic and really stand out. They have been played with regularly and have even frequented the boy's bed which is a rare privilege.

What they say

To commemorate the brand’s 60 year anniversary, Matchbox has released a collectible die-cast line of 24 vehicles that harkens back to its roots to celebrate its birthday. The assortment features some of the best-loved classic vehicle models, each of which comes with its own retro matchbox sized box!

Matchbox fans can also view the 60th anniversary anthem video, which captures the spirit of the brand; unstoppable vehicles for heroic adventures at

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The Matchbox 60th Anniversary die cast assortment is suitable for ages 3+, priced at around RRP £3.49 per vehicle.

Good points

To quote the boy "the bus is the best, isn't it?". I think he is right, it is pretty cool. I love the metallic effect. It looks amazing.
Both collectibles are great colours and stand out. They have been the first cars the children chose from the car box each time.
They are a good price.
I like that they come with a special collectors box too, it is a nice added touch.

Bad points
It would be good if the door on the car opened.

Would I buy it?

At £3.49 I would definitely buy some more. My daughter also adores cars so they keep both children entertained for long enough to allow me a moment to prepare their tea!

Disclaimer: We were sent these cars to review and were allowed to keep them. This had no impact on my review, which is honest and fair.