New jeans for a skinnier me!

Following on from the Clean 9 Detox, I have continued on to a Nutri Lean programme. It lasts four weeks and you follow a 1500 calorie per day diet. Having never dieted before, I assumed this would be hard. In fact, it is ridiculously easy and I haven't even felt hungry once! I have even managed to have a glass of wine or two at the weekend. I am nearly three weeks into this programme and I have, in total, lost just over 11lbs. I am still in the same dress size (I don't imagine I will ever go into the size below as I have hips). I am far happier with how I look, the muffin top has disappeared, my tummy is nearly flat and I have lost four inches from my bottom! I now feel confident to wear tops which are more fitted and figure hugging. The kind of thing I would have worn before having children. Mainly, I wanted to weigh less than my husband (who is very slim). We are now exactly the same weight which has made me incredibly happy!

So far, I have  only been on one little shopping spree, and that was in New Look. I like shopping there because I get a good student discount! The only thing I have bought is this top (above). skinny jeans though. I already own a couple of pairs of their petrol blue skinny jeans, but I really fancy some bright red ones. Our local New Look is quite small, so they often don't stock a very full range, which is frustrating, especially when it comes to jeans and shoes!
I have been eyeing up this pair (above). What do you think? Are they too bright? I still need to pick an outfit for Cybher so I might invest in a pair of these. They also do shaper jeans and they currently have a sale on. If you need me, I will be shopping online!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.