Plans for the kitchen!

As I have written about before, I would love to upgrade our kitchen. The layout doesn't work and it is awkward to move around in. Last week we took our first step in making the space more usable  A local joiner, who has worked for us before and does a great job, came and fitted some shelves under out kitchen stairs. The kitchen literally has five cupboards in it so our space is utterly limited. The new shelves look fantastic and are already absolutely jam packed with things. Somehow it hasn't made our kitchen seem any bigger but at least there is a little more space in the existing cupboards. 

New shelvesPacked shelves

I have also looked at some ways to spruce the whole area up. We have a children's art wall which runs between the kitchen and the downstairs toilet which always looks bright and virbrant but the rest of the kitchen is painted light brown which is boring and dark. The kitchen is in the basement and the only natural light comes from one window so we need to make sure that the walls are light and bright. That is one of my first jobs over the summer holidays. Then, I am going to paint all the kitchen units (which are currently dark pine) to either be white or cream. Anything as long as it is a little bit brighter down there.

I saw a gadget the other day, one designed by Robert Welch. It is a hanging utensil rack which I thought seemed a very good idea. That way the utensils do not have to be in a drawer or a pot on the side, they could simply hang and be taken off as and when I need them. I like the idea, as long as I could put it up high so that the kids couldn't get near it! Otherwise there would be utensils everywhere. What do you think? What would you do if you had very little space in your kitchen?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.