The Photo Gallery: Drink

The Photo Gallery - week 142

The first thing I thought of when I saw the theme this week was Father Jack from Father Ted! We have been watching Father Ted again recently and it never fails to make me giggle! I digress.

Gin and tonic

There was, however, only one photo which popped into my mind for this week's Gallery theme of drink. That is this one. Drinking a gin and tonic on a Sunday afternoon in April. The sun was out but the hills were still covered in snow, a sign of the tough winter we had! My Grandma has a long standing Sunday tradition of a gin and tonic in the afternoon, sitting on the terrace in her garden. It is a beautiful spot. I think they are the best views in the world, but I am biased. On this particular day, the sun had warmed the stone steps to perfection, the kids were playing outside and we sat and chatted with my Grandma. It was lovely. Really relaxing and so nice to take a moment out from an otherwise hectic day, take a deep breath in, and drink gin!

I apologise if you have seen this picture before, I have used it as a Silent Sunday post before.

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