The Photo Gallery: New

The Photo Gallery: Week 142

Cherry blossom

This to me summed up the theme for the Gallery this week. New blossom, new petals and new leaves starting to poke through. The blossom is later this year due to the ridiculous harsh, snowy and cold winter we had this year. In fact, only yesterday we had a huge hailstorm with absolutely massive hailstones.  I love spring, the life, vibrancy and generally bounciness which accompanies it. The way that lambs skip, hop and frivolously jump across fields. All this life and colour after the bleak, cold and monochromatic winter kind of makes me want to skip, jump and sing.  Maybe I am stuck in a Disney movie or something, but the new life spring brings just makes me feel happy. How about you? Do you feel a relief at spring finally making an appearance?

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