The Photo Gallery - Weekend

The Photo Gallery - Week 141

For our family, weekends are usually spent at my Grandma's. She is in her eighties and runs a bed and breakfast in the Yorkshire Dales. She has the most fantastic view in the whole wide world and it gives me so much happiness to wake up and open the curtains. All year round it is stunning. There is nothing to spoil the view and it is breathtaking.

I love spending time in her garden and watching my children explore the same paths my sister and I used to when we were little!

Sun rising over frosty Yorkshire Dales

First light on a winter's morning.

Sunrise over the Yorkshire Dales

The sun shining brightly in summer.

Looking at the Yorkshire Dales

The boy looking out over the hills from the field when he was younger.

Most of all I love that my children get to enjoy a place which is so dear in my heart, with their Great-Grandma, who is amazing!

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