Week 45 - What has made me happy!

This week my nerves have started to get to me. My exams start in exactly a week. I keep trying to calm myself with the fact that they will soon be over but it is not working! Once I get a bit more revision done, I am hoping that I calm down a bit and start sleeping better. Luckily my husband is fantastic and has been taking the kids out in order for me to revise properly. I find it frustrating that there are bank holidays in May. I would rather spend them with my family then revising!

The boy had a friend over to play on Friday which is quite rare. I don't drop him off at nursery that often so I don't get the chance to invite his friends over. They came when the girl went to bed and it was really lovely to see him playing so nicely with a child his own age. They spend a lot of time together at nursery. His friend is in the process of being adopted and will soon be moving out of the area. We have had some very important discussions about tummy mummies and forever mummies. I didn't want him to think we might give him away!

Here is what has made me happy this week:
  • The boy went to a party this weekend and there was the most fantastic bouncy castle  pirate ship!
  • I finally bought a playhouse for the children. I got it on ebay for £40. It was so dirty that the roof was black! A bit of TLC and it was soon looking as good as new! Both children love it and have been playing out in the yard at every opportunity.
  • Sunshine! We haven't had as much of it as some of the rest of the UK, but a few days a week go a long way!
  • Playing out in the paddling pool. The girl thought this was fantastic. I imagine that she can't remember doing this last year.
  •  We went to the waterways festival in our town and sat in the sun listening to a pipe band. I love seeing my two sitting together. The girl copies everything the boy does!
  • Flowers! We spent the weekend up at my Grandma's and her garden looks amazing at the moment. Absolutely beautiful.

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