Week 46 - What has made me happy

This week was the final week before my exams started and I have been anxiously revising. This year I  have felt far more nervous about my exams, mainly because they count for so much. So I definitely haven't been the best company this week! My husband has been an absolute star, enabling me to revise at the weekends while he looks after the children. The girl had an argument with a gate and lost on Thursday. She ended up with a huge blue lump on her head. It still looks sore but doesn't bother her! On Friday I took the children to the local soft play area and we had a great time. It was the first time that the girl was totally able to do everything by herself. It was nice just to relax with them both.

So, here is what has made me happy this week:

  • A Sunday morning treat at Betty's. It was so nice to go out as a family and spoil ourselves. Both children had hot chocolate and a fondant fancy. I opted for a large macaroon with raspberries and a jasmine tea. Aside from a mild burst of screaming from the girl, it was a really enjoyable experience.
Betty's hot chocolateBetty's macaroon
  • On Sunday we had a relaxing day and the children chose some dressing up outfits to put on. The girl opted for a Dorothy the Dinosaur tail and a Buzz Lightyear outfit, which was quite entertaining. The boy opted for a princess outfit, which was very fetching. 
Jurassic Buzz LightyearPrincess
  •  The weather has changed and it is cold again, so we have had to light the fire again although I refuse to put the heating back on. Sitting in front of the fire is so warm and relaxing.
  • The heat from the fire made the tulips, which had closed up for the evening, back out again. They looked spectacular flopping all over the place.
Log burnerTulips

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