What to wear for a wedding?

I am so excited because this summer we are going to a wedding together as a family. It will be our first ever all spending the day together. Yes, it might be a complete nightmare with two children, but I am pleased that we are doing it. The past two weddings we have been to separately because they were a long way away. It has been disappointing, I love a good wedding but we lack childcare so we have to do what we can. For the wedding in July, we are also going on a long train journey with both children for the first time ever. Post-wedding weekend, I might be a gibbering wreck, but, for now at least, I am excited!

Having lost some weight, I am able to wear a dress which actually flatters my figure, rather than cover it up. However, I am rubbish at shopping. I really, really dislike it. The unflattering changing rooms which are always too hot, the horrible lighting and, well, just everything about shopping is horrid. So, I shop on the internet, which can also be frustrating. When you buy something and it arrives and isn't quite what you expect, the faff of having to send it back is really just annoying.
I have a wishlist, in fact, I have two. One which is unattainable because it is ridiculously expensive, and one which is a bit closer to what I could actually afford. On the unattainable list is the red and white striped one by Todd Lynn, the other is shown below, by Erdem, a brand whose elegant style I adore!

However, I think my actual choice is between these two, the first from Phase Eight and the second from Monsoon.

So, which one do you think I should go for? Whichever I choose will have to last for the whole day, with children hanging off my hips. Luckily for us, there is a children's entertainer and a play room being set up for them throughout the day so we should get a moment's peace. Maybe!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.