What's the time?

I do not own a watch. Actually that is a lie. I probably own about four, but never wear any of them. I tend to use my phone to tell the time, or ask people, in the unlikely event that I do not have my phone. My husband doesn't have a watch either. Again, he uses his phone as his watch! In fact, a few years ago my husband and I went to a small Greek island called Sifnos without a phone or a watch. We mainly went with the flow and just had no idea what time of day it was. However, when it came to catching buses, we kind of needed to know what the time was. Unfortunately, no-one understood when we asked, so we ended up popping into shops and buying sweets or drinks just so that we could check the time on the receipt!

Since then, we now both have mobile phones, but occasionally still have to resort to a receipt every now and again! With Father's Day fast approaching, I have been looking at some designer watches for my husband. I am still not sure whether or not he would appreciate one though. I kind of think that, given that we have got this far without them, maybe we don't actually need a watch! However, the one which stood out for me was this one below. It is £179 which seems like a reasonable price for a good watch. I am not totally convinced though. Is it too feminine?

My problem is that I have really skinny wrists and always have. As such, I find it really hard to find watches which fit well. I also struggle with the strap and tend to become allergic to them. I reckon that a metal strap would probably make a difference though.

In looking for one with a metal strap, I found this one with a leather strap. I am quite taken with this Radley watch though. At £65 it is incredibly affordable and I love the colours and the detail on it! If anyone fancies buying me a watch, this one would be lovely!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.