Exams are over!

The feeling of relief which swept over me like a wave after the exam was amazing! Sheer and utter relief. 

The final exam was good. Again, a relief. I could have easily answered four questions and only needed to answer three. it felt good to be able to actually answer questions knowing that I knew at least some of the answers. The last few exams have been awful. Really, really awful. I am honestly really rather nervous that I haven't passed them. I have around six weeks to wait for results and I bet they go really, really slowly! I get my results on my husband's birthday so it will either be a great day or a really awful day!

Today I saw my dissertation supervisor and have agreed on a topic. I will be researching where the responsibility lies in respect of childhood obesity. I think it is going to be really interesting and I am really excited about starting the reading. That is one of my projects for the summer. The other is to completely redecorate the kitchen. I am starting on the kitchen on Monday morning, once the kids are dropped off. My first task is to take up all the evil laminate and see what the condition of the tiles underneath is!

At least I know that, even if I do have to do resists, I have definitely got at least the next two months to just relax! And breathe!

Yellow daisy