My Little Big Town Books for Children Review

We were recently sent three books for the children to review. They
 are published by My Little Big Town. We were sent three books: The Monster Book of Colours, The Monster Book of Numbers and Where's the Scone. All three of the books are bright and vibrant. They are fun and easy to read. Both children like them for different reasons and we have ended up reading them as part of their bedtime routine for the past three weeks!

What they say

One of our fantastically silly pre-school books, The Monster Book Of… range of early learner books are designed to help reluctant readers, especially boys learn all about shapes, numbers, colours and the alphabet.

Packed with silly and eye catching monsters (they are all very friendly monsters), the books are an ideal as a read-along with very young children just starting to discover books. Designed as a silly and fun alternative to traditional pre-school books, The Monster Book Of range are a monstrously fun way to learn….

The Monster Book Of Colours
Learn all of the primary and secondary colours, as well as a few more with the help of some wonderfully silly, friendly monsters. Bright and humorous characters help to keep young children engaged and make learning fun.

The Monster Book Of Numbers
Learn the numbers one through to ten, and then a few more besides, with the help of lots and lots of fantastic little monsters. A great way to teach young children to count.

You can read more about the monster books here.

Where's the Scone?
A wonderfully quirky and fun pre-school counting book!
Lots of friends in a party mood. All of them have brought some food. A counting book (1 to 10), with a variety of animals, different foods and funny rhymes.

A pre-school counting book with a difference. Filled with wonderfully silly and exotic animals and memorable rhymes, from Llama munching bananas, to Bream licking Ice-cream and Yeti slurping spaghetti. This colourful and vibrant debut from new children’s writing talent Beth Dexter-Smith is a perfect learning aid for young children who are just starting to count.
The bright and vibrant illustrations help to keep even the youngest readers engaged and the simple, silly and memorable rhymes make the book a perfect ‘read-along’ for parents.

You can read more about the scone book here.

Good points

Great pictures
Lovely rhymes
Engaging for both children (age two and four)
My son loved the rhymes in 'Where's the scone' and my daughter liked the counting.

Bad points

The paper is quite thin so they can rip easily.

Would I buy them?

Yes. I think they are a little on the expensive side, the RRP for all the books is £4.99. The children both really enjoyed them and have read them most nights since we received them. Where's the scone is the children's favourite and I think my favourite is the Monster book of colours.

They are great for a nice short read with children. The colours, rhymes and stories are engaging and both my children loved them.