Sonny Angels visit London

A few weeks ago I attended +Cybher™, you can read about my day here. At the cocktail party in the evening, I was introduced to the world of Sonny Angels. Who knew that this whole new level of cute needed to be in my life? I was lucky enough to get an american short hair cat and a blowfish, although I didn't really look at either of them closely until the day after.

When I woke up, I decided to do some sightseeing and I though it was only fair, given that my own babies were at home, that I took my new babies out for a trip around London town!

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and there were very few people about, so I went for a pretty long walk. First up, the Sonny Angels visited Trafalgar Square. The cat was happy to see his feline relations guarding the square and the blowfish loved the fountain and the dolphins.

 Sonny angel cat and blowfish at Trafalgar Square

Next we walked down The Mall to Buckingham Palace. I don't know if the Queen was in, but her palace certainly looked majestic.

Sonny angel cat and blowfish visit Buckingham Palace

The Sonny Angels wanted a closer look, so they stood on the gates while I took a photo with the Queen's Guard in the background.

Sonny angel cat and blowfish see the Queen's Guards in London

From Buckingham Palace, we walked to Westminster and got to see the Horse Guards training for the upcoming Royal celebrations. The Sergeant was a bit shouty, so we wandered up to the Houses of Parliament. From Westminster Bridge, the Sonny Angels could see the London Eye, so I too a picture of the two of them there. Luckily the blowfish didn't feel the need to jump in the Thames. I think it might have been a little colder than he is used to.

Sonny angel cat and blowfish on Westminster Bridge

Then we crossed to the other side of the bridge, dodging a red London bus and a black cab. They were quite impressed with Big Ben. The gold on the clock face was gleaming brightly in the sunshine.

Sonny angel cat and blowfish see Parliament

They wanted me to get more of the House's of Parliament into the shot but I couldn't quite fit them all in!

Sonny angel cat and blowfish see Big Ben

From Westminster Bridge we went along Embankment, pausing to take one final picture with the London Eye in the background. The cat quite fancied a trip on it but the blowfish was nervous about being so far away from the water, so I decided against it.

Sonny angel cat and blowfish see the London Eye

I enjoyed taking my Sonny Angel babies on a quick tour of London and I think they did too. I am sure you will agree that they both look pretty happy!