Week 49 - What has made me happy!

What has made me happy - week 49.

This week saw me sitting my final economics exam. It wasn't great, but it was OK. I just felt glad to finally get economics (hopefully) over and done until October. I now only have one more exam, this time in politics, and then I have finished university for this year. I have so many plans for the house once I have finished, and this weekend my best friend, her partner and daughter are coming up to stay. We are going to the Disability Rocks festival and I am really looking forward to it. I spent the weekend at +Cybher™ which was fantastic. It is great to have a break from family life. My as I adore my children and husband, two nights away leaves me feeling totally refreshed. You can read my review of Cybher here.

Here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Meeting up with old work colleagues and having the chance to reminisce, over a few pints of course!
  • Cybher - it was absolutely fantastic and really informative. It is amazing how inspiring a conference can be.
  • Buckingham Palace. The last time I visited was for the Golden Jubilee and it was impossible to get close to anywhere. This time, I wandered around the gates and looked at statues.
Buckingham Palace
  • Sunshine! What a beautiful few days we have had. Absolutely stunning. I love the sun shining onto Queen Victoria's memorial statue outside Buckingham Palace.
Queen Victoria Memorial Statue
  • Watching soldiers training. For some reason it make me giggle when they are shouted at. And when they march fast. Puerile, I know!
  • Big Ben. Even though I used to work in Westminster, I had never walked along Westminster Bridge and look back at the Houses of Parliament.
Horse Guards trainingBig Ben
  • The underground. When I lived in London I used to hate getting the tube. However, when you actually have the time to look around, you can enjoy the pure beauty of those underground tunnels.
London Underground way outLondon underground train

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