Week 50 - What has made me happy

What has made me happy - weeks 50

It has been a pretty full-on week. My final exam was on Thursday and it went well, which was a relief after the last lot. It seems a bit unreal to have finished for the academic year. Maybe the reality will kick in this week sometime! On Friday I decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and take the children to the seaside. We pootled off to St Anne's for the day. It was such a good plan and the three of us had a wonderful time. In the evening my best friend, partner and their daughter came to stay. Unfortunately, due to the M1, they didn't get up until nearly midnight, so it was a late one. The next day we went to a festival called Disability Rocks where there was live music, dancing, poetry and good food. Pretty much perfect! I get to see my best friend so rarely so it was great to catch up over a Chinese and a few glasses of wine in the evening. On Monday another good friend came to stay who I haven't seen in nearly four years. She has just had her first baby and it has been a delight to meet him.

Without further ado, here is what has made me happy this week:
  • We went to the seaside on Friday. Last year there wasn't even one sunny day to go, so we made the most of it. The kids had an absolute ball, ice-cream, sandy sandwiches, bouncy castles and paddling pools, what more could they want?
Children at the seasideSandcastles
  • At the weekend we went to Disability Rocks, a festival in Ilkley for families with disabled children. We went with my best friend, her partner and their daughter, the 23 week miracle! We saw Singing Hands, who were fantastic. All the children loved their show and I would recommend their DVDs if you haven't already seen them.
Singing Hands PoppySinging Hands
  • Beautiful wild garlic. The smell is absolutely amazing!
  • Dandelion clocks. The intricate detail is astounding. The more you look at them, the more you see!
Wild garlicDandelion clock
  • Ice cream! I love that it is warm enough to indulge in a treat of an ice cream every now and then.
  • Friendship. Although I do not get to see my best friend very often, when we do meet up it is as if we see each other every day. I love this picture of our daughter's holding hands. Beautiful.
Retro ice cream vanHolding Hands
  • Capturing this shot of a beautiful damselfly who paused briefly enough for me to snap the moment.

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