Week 51 - What has made me happy

This week started out well. We had our house back to ourselves, which felt very nice. It is lovely having guests but it is great to get your own space back again! I busied myself with pulling up the floor in the kitchen and unearthing some 80's terracotta tiles. Trust me, they are better than the dark grey laminate which was on top. I have also painted two parts of the wall. Turning the pale brown into a clean and crisp white is quite satisfying. There is still an awful lot to do in our basement kitchen though. By the end of the summer I should be finished!

Here is what has made me happy this week:
  • Following my problems with O2, on Friday I went into the O2 shop and discovered my phone had been there for over a week. However, it is fixed and I have it back which is the main thing.
  • New shoes! Sparkly ones. Can you tell my mum never let me have sparkly shoes when I was a little girl?
Fixed phoneNew shoes
  • The boy enjoying driving a yellow American school-bus at the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm.
  • A trip to Grassington festival in the rain. Seriously torrential rain! Luckily we were undercover but still got soaked on the walk home. We had to strip off and dry our clothes on my Grandma's AGA!
Driving a busGrassington festival
  • Walks through buttercups. We were lucky with the weather in the afternoon following all the rain in the morning.
  • The boy thought the buttercups were fantastic, the girl was less keen!
Walking in the meadowPlaying with buttercups
  • Laburnum in my Grandma's garden. It looks stunning and smells absolutely amazing.

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