Dear baby boy...the end of pre-school

Dear baby boy. You are not so much of a baby any more. Last week you finished pre-school. It has been a fantastic journey for you. When you first started, you were slightly unsure, but you have made some wonderful friends and been a delight for your teachers. Mrs W has been particularly proud of you, and all your teachers have mentioned that you will make a wonderful husband one day! Take that as a huge compliment, you are very much like your Daddy, who really is a wonderful husband. You are sensitive, kind, caring and thoughtful. 

Dropping you off on your first day was emotional for both of us, but somehow, picking you up on your last day was even more poignant. Admittedly more for me than for you. I didn't think it would be, but found that I really was emotional! 

I have adored coming to your shows. Seeing you in your element, so happy and proud of yourself. Singing and signing as if you have done it for years. I am so impressed at the amount of new songs and words you have had to learn. The nativity, when you were an inn keeper was a particular moment to treasure. You waved at us lot in that performance!

You have seen chicks hatch from eggs, frogspawn turn into frogs and caterpillars form cocoons and emerge as butterflies. It has been an amazing year and I love hearing what you have been taught, when you tell us that is! The stock response we have had from you when we ask what happened at pre-school is that no-one else was there, you were all by yourself, so you didn't do anything!

Your class had a group of particularly boisterous boys who spent their days play fighting and, well, fighting. You kept well out of it, making friends with a small group of girls. I am so proud of you and the friendships you have developed. By the end of the year, you were friends with a few of the boys too. 

I think you are nervous about starting school and I have to admit that I am too. Luckily for you, two thirds of the children in your new school will be from your pre-school, so the faces around you won't change much. You have a wonderful personality and a cheeky sense of fun. You are an entertainer.

You make me so very proud and I love you so much baby boy. 

The start of a journey