Hot Wheels Ballistiks full force and rapid fire blaster review

We were recently sent a Hot Wheels Ballistiks ful force rapid fire blaster and two ballistiks cars to review. The boy was very excited when he saw them as he doesn't have many toys like this at all.

It didn't take us long to get the box open and have all the pieces out on the floor. I got the instruction booklet out and was relieved to see that it didn't need too much putting together.

The rapid fire blaster was simple to put together and we had it up and running in a few minutes. We had two of the cars, so had fun trying to fling them across the room. Unfortunately we couldn't make the cars turn into a car from a ball without throwing them hard at the floor.

 The rapid fire blaster was really easy to use and even the girl who is two understood how to make it work. I liked the loading mechanism for the cars.

What they say
Ballistiks cars
Create the ultimate rumble with these transforming daredevil ball cars! Kids can challenge, transform and win.
Ballistiks balls open on impact; throw down your chosen car and watch it transform on impact from a compact fierce looking ball to a ready to race, awesome looking motor. These mad motors transform in front of your eyes creating non-stop action and entertainment. With endless ways to play, the only question is – how do you roll?
Transform from a swiftly rolling ball to a fast-moving vehicle and back again, and with more than 24 different characters, kids will want to collect them all! 
Priced at around RRP £6.99
Suitable for ages 5+

Ballistiks full force rapid fire blaster 

Endless blasting, crashing action! Boys will have a ball seeing how fast and far they can propel Ballistiks vehicles from this launcher. This Rapid Fire Blaster really boosts the Ballistiks excitement and fast racing action! Blast the Ballistik into race mode, put them up against your friends or amp up the play and take aim at a specific target — the launcher’s LED helps with accuracy — and pull the trigger to fire for adrenaline filled destruction and target takedowns. What a blast watching each ball explode into a car on impact!

This high-speed launcher comes with one Ballistiks vehicle, but kids can load several (sold separately) into the blaster’s magazine to rev up the racing, transforming action!

Priced at around RRP £19.99
Suitable for ages 5+
Includes one Ballistiks vehicle

Good points
I think it's very neat how the cars fold up into a ball.
The blaster is good fun to fling the balls around the room.

Bad points
Unless you drop them with force, the balls do not unravel into cars. They certainly don't do it when blasted out of the blaster.
I also felt there was little need for the LED light to help with accuracy, it just used up batteries.

Would I buy it?
I quite like the cars so I would definitely consider buying them. I like the fact that you can roll your car up and pop it in your pocket. However, I would not buy the rapid fire blaster. It is fun to spin the cars out of, but we never once managed to get them to turn from a ball into a car in doing so which was disappointing.

For more details, have a look at Hot Wheels website.

Disclaimer: We received these toys free, for the purpose of review. All opinions and view are my own.