Monsters University Soundtrack Review

We were recently able to download the soundtrack to Monsters University for us to review. My son is incredibly excited about the release of the film and I must admit I am too. I remember going to see Monsters Inc in the cinema when it came out and really loved the film. I hadn't ever really paid attention to the soundtrack though, so it was good fun to be able to download it and listen before the film comes out.

What they say

When Mike and Sulley find themselves in the midst of a fraternity party, filmmakers wanted to showcase their monster moves—but first they needed the music. Enter Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia with a party song called “Roar”—of course—featuring an upbeat electronic dance sound that even monsters could appreciate. “We wanted to keep it funny, funky and at the same time a bit cool with a hint of monsters in it,” said Axwell.

Rock On!

Faced with the question of what a sweet monster might listen to during a free moment, filmmakers decided to push the envelope. “There is a great moment in ‘Monsters University’ when we thought it would be funny if the tunes were some of the most intense heavy metal imaginable. Mastodon was the obvious choice. They show off an unexpected monstrous side for one of our great new characters.”

They chose an existing song from the group called “Island.”

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Randy Newman - Main Title
2. Randy Newman - Young Michael
3. Randy Newman - First Day at MU
4. Randy Newman - Dean Hardscrabble
5. Randy Newman - Sulley
6. Randy Newman - Scare Pig
7. Randy Newman - Wasted Potential
8. Randy Newman - Oozma Kappa
9. Randy Newman - Stinging Glow Urchin
10. Randy Newman - Field Trip
11. Randy Newman - Rise and Shine
12. Randy Newman - The Library
13. Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso - Roar
14. Randy Newman - The Scare Games
15. Randy Newman - Did You Do This?
16. Randy Newman - Human World
17. Randy Newman - The Big Scare
18. Randy Newman - Goodbyes
19. Randy Newman - Mike and Sulley
20. Randy Newman - Monsters University

What we thought
My favourite song is scare pig! The boy really loved Roar! His Dad is rather partial to heavy metal so it doesn't surprise me. The album is good fun and you find yourself singing along regularly.

The Monsters University soundtrack is available for release and you can download it here.

Monsters University opens in cinemas across the country today.