Organix Goodies Review

We were recently sent some Organix Goodies treats for the children to enjoy. We regularly buy Organix Goodies crisps, gingerbread men and raisins as treats for their lunchboxes, or handy snacks which we can take with us when we go out on day trips. Both children also still love their rice cakes and I have to admit to being rather partial to them myself! I was excited when a huge box filled with food arrived and we wasted no time in getting stuck in!

Organix Goodies Review

Organic Dried Fruit
"Our dried fruit boxes and fruit bars contain nothing but organic fruit - great snacks that count as 1 of your 5 a day."

The fruit gummies were an instant hit and I am incredibly impressed that the only thing in them is 100% organic fruit. The boy loved having them in his lunchbox. I haven't yet found these in the supermarket but am keeping my eyes peeled for them. I have to admit that neither child really enjoyed the raisins, which surprised me as they usually wolf raisins down! Perhaps it was purely because there were other fruits in them.

Organic Squeezies and Squeezy tubes
"A blend of organic fruit purees in a handy squeezy pouch. Each pouch counts as one of your five a day."

Again, these have been a huge hit. The boy loves the squeezy tubes and has had them in his lunchbox every day. The girl prefers the squeezies. I have no idea why as they are the same inside! It must be something to do with the packaging.

Number Jumble Cereal
"A mix of original & raspberry organic baked multigrain cereal containing wholegrain rice, wheat, oats & maize. Our fun and fruity cereals are a good source of fibre to get them off to a great start to the day. Plus your little one can practice their numbers."

This was the one thing that neither children liked. For some reason, they would eat the cereal without milk but not with. I think that maybe they would have enjoyed this more if they had been a bit younger and it was their first taste of cereal.

Soft Oaty Bars
"A blend of organic wholegrain oats, raisins, apple and strawberry juice."

The girl has always been a huge fan of the oaty bars, the boy less so. However, even he enjoyed the strawberry and apple flavoured ones. I think Organix are on to a winner with strawberry and apple flavours!

I highly recommend the Organix Goodies range. You are giving your children treats which actually are good for them. Organix stick to three main beliefs, that food is SAFE,PURE and NUTRITIOUS. You can really tell that they care about what children eat because it shows in the products they create. I will buy these for my children in the future. For more information on Organix, have a look at their website.