Pyjama Pajama - a Kickstarter project

I was recently sent an email informing me about a company which is hoping to start up, called Pyjama Pajama. The idea behind the company is that they want to "produce a really exciting collection of pyjamas, incorporating educational and topical themes so that children can continue to learn as they prepare for bed.". 

The emphasis is on style and quality, which means that the t-shirts can be worn in the day too, which makes them very good value. Everything that is produced will be designed to interest and inspire our kids. I think it is a good idea and the mood boards, showing ideas for the pyjamas are fabulous. I love this for the boy.

And this one for the girl. I like the idea that you can teach them about penguins whilst you are getting them ready for bed. It wouldn't take long before they knew the facts themselves.

The reason I am telling you about Pyjama Pajama is because they are not yet up and running, they are part of a kickstarter project and need backing to make their plan work. They are asking people for investments in their company. Don't worry, it is an investment where you get a return, namely a pair of pyjamas! They are offering a great deal, if you invest just £10 you will receive a pair of pyjamas for £25! I myself have invested £10 because I think it is a great idea and would love to see a new business idea succeed. There is only one week left to invest, so if you think it is a great idea then grab the opportunity while it is still there! The investment will only be taken from your account if funding is met.

For more information, have a look at Pyjama Pajama's kickstarter website.

Disclosure: If this project meets their target, I will be sent a couple of extra pairs of pyjamas. This has had no impact on my blog post, which is honest and fair.